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Worksite Benefits

  • If the cost of insurance has prevented you from providing coverage to your employees, Standard Life group products can be the solution.
  • If you thought your group was too small to find coverage, Standard Life group products can be the solution.

Standard Life offers a variety of group and voluntary insurance products that help make coverage affordable to both employers and employees.

Why Worksite Benefits?

Voluntary benefits offer employers the opportunity to provide much needed health insurance to their employees with little or no cost to the company.

What We Do for the Employer

Standard Life worksite benefits offer employers the flexibility to choose plans that are right for their employees.

Employers can choose to offer:

  • group plans with selected coverage amounts while passing on no cost to the employee;
  • group plus supplementary plans which allow employees to purchase additional coverage;
  • voluntary plans which allow employees to purchase coverage with no cost to the employer.

Offering health insurance can increase employee job satisfaction which can lead to greater productivity.

What We Do for the Employee

With the cost of healthcare constantly on the rise, having some form of health insurance is a must-have.

Worksite benefits can offer employees the opportunity to have health insurance that might not be affordable to them otherwise.

Worksite benefits also offer employees the convenience of not having to research and hunt for their own insurance as well as the convenience of payroll deduction for supplementary and voluntary plans.